Tamil story || Tamil moral story

                      Four cows and a Tiger


    A dense forest, in that forest four cows lived together.  They went together wherever they went.

   Whether they went to graze or rest at night, they remained together.  So no animal could do anything to these four cows.

   If any such animals come to hunt, these four together will drive them away and beat them.  Days passed like this.


    A tiger saw them together.  Despite several attempts, the tiger could not hunt those cows.  So this tiger came up with a plan.  A plan was made that if we somehow separated these cows we could hunt them down.

   According to the tiger's plan, the four cows that were together went separately in the same direction.  Taking advantage of this, the tiger hunted and killed each of them separately every day.


   Only then did the last cow realize.  If we were together, this tiger could not even come close to us, because of our separation, this tiger hunted everything and now it is going to kill us too, what is the use we cannot defeat the tiger.  Finally the tiger gave up his life.

 Justice of this story : Unity is strength

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